“Day of letters” at the “Hristo Botev” First Primary School in Sevlievo


The implementation of Activity #11 of the “Contemporary approaches to research, presentation and access to the literary heritage of Gabrovo Province” project was completed. On 03/16/2016, “Day of letters” was carried out in the old building of “Hristo Botev” Primary school in Sevlievo, featuring students from first to fourth grade. The team leader presented the project and focused on the activities for inclusion of the Roma population into the national culture and their integration into the local community. Puppet actors Valya Kusheva-Savcheva and Dimitar Shanov gave puppet show themed “Bulgarian folk tales and Bulgarian letters”, then they show how to make a puppet theatre – demonstration and training of Roma children from puppet actors. Roma children received “Beauty of Bulgarian book” themed colouring books and set of pens. The team leader presented the “The beauty of the Bulgarian Book” exhibition which was seen by the students. Participants were given as a gift project bags, notebooks and pens. Delicious snacks were provided for the small participants in the “Day of letters” at the end. The event attracted great interest by the participating students. They were delighted with the puppet show, what they saw for the first time, the exhibition and the gifts and expressed a great desire to participate in future similar events and activities.

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