Activity 1) Project Management: Project management will establish a system for better management of this project. For the purpose a management team will be formed, whose members have the experience and qualifications to meet the needs of the project. The end result will be efficient project management. Project efficiency and efficiency of implementation will be achieved through authorization and delegation of tasks and responsibilities between participants and observing the principles of equality, accountability, transparency.

Activity 2) Assignment of public procurement procedure: It will elaborate tender documentation and it will conduct a tender to select a contractor. The end results will be elaborated documentation, procedure conducted, and contractor selected for a public contract.

Activity 3) Inspection of funds and preparation for their cataloguing with specialized software: Working teams will inspect collections of valuable books and manuscripts stored in cultural institutes using description standards. The end result will be a working database of cultural values descriptions.

Activity 4) Maintenance on funds of manuscripts and old printed books; purchase of special file cabinets and moving the collections in them: It provides inspecting the physical condition of collections, cleaning, de-worming, selection for binding; purchase of special filing cabinets and moving the collections in them. These activities are necessary to avoid infecting other cultural values and storage of objects of cultural value under suitable climatic conditions.

Activity 5) Establishment of two digital centres: Repairs will be done to the premises provided for the establishment of the digital centres. As a result, two workplaces will be established for converting the objects of cultural value in a digital format that meets modern-day requirements.

Activity 6) Delivery of hardware and software for the two digital centres: Purchase and installation of hardware and software required for equipping the two digital centres for subsequent implementation of the activities of converting objects of cultural value in digital format.

Activity 7) Training digital centres employees to work with specialized software: It provides staff training for employees to work with the purchased equipment in the digital centres. The result will be trained staff having the skills necessary to conduct activities on digitization of objects of cultural value.

Activity 8) Selective digitization of special collections of manuscripts and printed books from the funds of the project participants and graphic processing of the digital copies: Trained specialists from the established digital centres will convert to digital format selected cultural treasures from the collections of the participants. Created digital copies will be processed graphically in order to better their visual quality. The result will be approximately 6000 pages from objects of cultural value converted into digital format.

Activity 9) Organizing a general catalogue of rare and valuable manuscripts and old printed books: Bibliographic descriptions of books will be recorded in specialized database in accordance with international standards for bibliographic descriptions. As a result, it will be possible to quickly and easily search for information about the collections in cultural institutions.

Activity 10) Building a virtual library with links to partner sites: Building a virtual library with a catalogue of objects and attached to them digital resources, with search ability and ability to display the exhibits over the Internet which will allow sharing written cultural and historical heritage over the global network.

Activity 11) Inclusion of representatives of the Roma population in promotion of project results: This activity provides organizing workshops for children, conducting performance in urban environment, organizing thematically theatrical performances, creating a visiting mobile exhibition “The beauty of the book” and donating “Beauty of Bulgarian book” themed colouring books. As a result, Roma children will be involved in the national culture with the aim of integration into the local community.

Activity 12) Presentation of activities and opportunities for future use of project results: It will be organized scientific conference “Digitization of Cultural Heritage in Gabrovo region” with the participation of representatives of cultural institutions from the region and the country and the creation and presentation of a virtual exhibition “The beauty of the book” on the sites of the project participants.

Activity 13) Audit: Performing a final audit after the completion of all project activities in order to verify its effective implementation.

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