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The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Bulgaria is a Programme Operator under the Programme BG08 “Cultural Heritage and Contemporary Arts” funded by the European Economic Area Financial Mechanism (2009-2014).

The Programme BG08 encompasses measures dedicated to priority programme areas for conservation of cultural heritage as well as for promotion of diversity in culture and arts within the European cultural heritage. The grants within the BG08 programme will be allocated for activities under the following measures:

Measure 1. “Cultural heritage restored, renovated and protected” with budget amounted to 7 106 470 euro. This measure is dedicated to renovation, rehabilitation and restoration of cultural heritage buildings, revitalization of exhibition spaces and platforms through interactive technologies, safeguarding and converting into open air museums of heritage landscapes.

Measure 2. “Cultural history documented” with budget amounted to 2 935 000 euro. This measure is dedicated to conversion into digital format (for the first time) of cultural heritage value items and establishment of digital centers in cultural heritage institutes or universities.

Measure 3. “Cultural heritage made accessible to the public” with budget amounted to 1 594 412 euro. This measure is dedicated to enhancement of accessibility to museums and cultural centers, buildings of cultural heritage value opened to the public, newly created digital contents in Internet dedicated to cultural heritage.

Measure 4. Small grant scheme “Contemporary art and culture presented and reaching a broader audience” with budget amounted to 788 235 euro. Within the Small grant scheme projects dedicated to new exhibitions and events of contemporary art will be awarded with grants.

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