Target groups

What are our target groups?

  • Representatives of the institutions directly involved in the project.
  • Representatives of academia engaged to study the cultural and historical literary heritage.
  • Representatives of school and student circles, studying in the field of cultural literary heritage.
  • Local community.
  • The general public at national and European level.
  • Representatives of the Roma population in school.

How target groups will benefit from this project?

Experts from cultural institutions, direct beneficiaries of the project, will increase their expertise by acquiring skills to work with specialized library software, creating databases and using digital technologies. Their activity will be facilitated in regard to management and preservation of cultural values, provided to them. Representatives of the academia involved in the study of cultural and historical literary heritage, and representatives of the school and student backgrounds, studying in the field of cultural and historical literary heritage, will have easy, fast and unlimited access to collections of antiquarian, rare and valuable books and manuscripts through the existing digital library of manuscripts and early printed collections. The general catalogue will grant broad access to and information about the available funds of rare and valuable books in cultural and public institutions.

The local community will gain access to full-text collections of cultural heritage which represents its history. So they can use these collections to promote its past and culture, to include them in various initiatives and projects, to strengthen its identity in Europe and worldwide.

The general public at national and European level will be able to meet previously inaccessible objects of cultural value, to use their content in affiliate and promotional initiatives.

Representatives of the Roma minority will be introduced to the literary heritage of local collections and the aesthetic properties of manuscripts and old printed books after which it will increase their interest in education and their integration into Bulgarian national culture.

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